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Seen as though I ended my last post on a depressing note, I feel like I should briefly fill you in on the closing ceremony.

I couldn't find the summary video that was played at the closing ceremony, so here's the whole damn thing:

(Skip to about 36:50 if you want to see just the summary video)

It mainly consisted of thank you's and cheering/applause, which got a bit tedious but it had to be done. There was a recap video of the whole weekend and the final of the costume contest! I'm gutted that I didn't get more pictures of the people in costumes, especially the girl that won (she wore a TNT dress and had TNT sticks in her hair) but I did get these two, and they're my personal favourites by far:

Before I explain what these two costumes are for those uneducated I'll add comparison pictures when I get home so you can judge for yourselves how good the costumes are. I'm just full of good ideas today. Right so the pictures can't be put side by side, which is stupid; sort it out Google. Anyway, I've put the corresponding Minecraft character below the costume (as you can probably tell).

After the closing ceremony finished, that was the end of Minecon. We had the feeling of total deflation; we were going home tomorrow. You all know what I mean, when you realise you've got to actually go back home.

It sucks.

But! "But" you hear me cry! We had a stroke of luck and a showcase of Ellis's impressive observational skills (gaming improves vital skills like that, if you're listening governments) that improved our mood. We ended up in Earl Of Sandwich for our tea in a line that was near enough non-existant; rare in the Disney Village. So well done Ellis. Bravo!

After food we went back to he hotel for an hour to freshen up and cry a bit over the fact Minecon was over, but we were ready for another happy walk around the Disney Village and then planned to sit in the Hotel New York bar again and get hammered.

Except when we got to the New York we realised that we'd need to spend like 50/60 Euros to get decent tasting drinks that tasted good and got us drunk. So we just settled for two drinks. But our first round was big enough to nearly last all night when the waitress bought us 50cl glasses of 1664 (about a pint and a half), which was actually incredibly nice. Once we'd had them we ordered the most womanly drinks possible to contrast the 1664 we'd had and put our Man Points total back to 0. Shame really. But Bacardi and Coke is nice man, so losing the Man Points was totally worth it.

Once we'd finished in the bar Ellis dragged me to one of the medium sized Disney shops again to get a Ratatouille cuddly toy that he'd been pining for all night, and that was that.

And that is that. Minecon is over. France has long been left behind and I'm currently sat typing this post up on my iPad on a train from Lancaster to Barrow. Our journey back was an eventful one with delay after delay meaning we missed our initial train and almost missed the one I'm currently on. But it's been a hell of a weekend, and if I could, I would without a doubt do it all over again.

Thanks for reading.

Minecon 2012: 9/10 would attend again

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