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Note that this was written on Friday 23rd November, so "Present Time Breaks" and such aren't bang on time. Sorry, but France sucks for free WiFi.

Every good trip starts with an early get up, and unfortunately, today was no different. A 7:29AM train made me wince at the thought of only a few hours sleep, but who cares right? Well, I do, but I can sleep when I'm dead. I don't like coffee either, which means no energy food for my brain. So apologies (before I start proper) for any spelling mistakes or confusing metaphors about lemon loving llamas that can fly.


The train journey was nothing short of unspectacular. I had cramp in my left hamstring for at least an hour, with no room to stretch out and relieve the pain. It was noisy even with my headphones on and Two Door Cinema Club blasting through them. And to top everything off with a vomit flavoured cherry, my Seabrooks crisps were incredibly mediocre; like Walkers level mediocre. But we got through it ("we" being me and my friend Ellis, who you'll read mentioned throughout), and eventually arrived at Manchester Airport where we were greeted by a 20 minute walk to Terminal 3, which was the perfect way of waking our legs up from their two-hour slumber; thanks God and people who put the train station and Terminal 3 so far apart. Mainly the former though, God had little to do with it. Although I'm sure some Christians will attempt to claim otherwise.

So train down, plane to go. But before the plane? Everybody!

"More waiting!"

Good! I must say that was impressive, you all said that at exactly the same time!

The waiting was boring, and that means even attempting to write about it may implode the universe. Via boredom.

PRESENT TIME UPDATE BREAK (2:30pm): We just traded our drink vouchers in on the plane for a Budweiser (for myself) and an Old Pulteney whiskey and Pepsi (for the old man Ellis). ALL FREE OF CHARGE. HELL TO THE YES.

The timing of that "present time break" was impeccable, because I was just about to end the waiting (see what I did there?) and talk about the plane journey. Which is, incidentally, where we are presently. But I can't see it being that exciting, and as a result I suspect there's gonna be little to write about. Unless I write a story!

I'm just kidding. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Ain't the world pretty.

Later... So the plane journey did end up being pretty average; nothing to shout about. Apart from the fact it was amazingly short. Like 1 hour 10 minutes short. That's pretty short. So short in fact that I barely had time to finish my beer before we were hitting French ground. Which, contrary to popular belief, is not made of cheese.

The usual traveling to the hotel occurred at some point. I didn't really pay much attention because of the fact my brain had malfunctioned through lack of food and drink and my body had decided that it'd had enough with moving, even though it had just been sat down on relatively comfy chairs for the best part of 12 hours. Stupid body.

The hotel is okay. I mean it's a 2-star so I wasn't expecting the Ritz, but it'll do for the fact we'll hardly be in it. Plus, it's Mexican themed, which is an excuse for me to say "Olé!" a lot. What I was really impressed by though was the fluency at which the staff spoke ze English language. I'm serious, it's incredible. I asked for directions to the Disney Village (more on that later), during which I said "Is it a walkable distance?" Now, as soon as that interrogative left my mouth, I realised I'd just used a made up word in English while talking to someone who was natively French. I started stammering "I... I... is it? I mean without-". But she said "STOP! (IN THE NAME OF LOVE) YOU CAN WALK THATA WAAAAAY" while pointing out of the window at a tower of lights which I presumed were coming from the aforementioned Disney Village. I was astonished. Ellis actually tried to pick my jaw up off the floor and failed. In the end it took him and 4 other staff members to place my mouth back into the correct shape. That may have been overly exaggerated by the way. Or it might not of been. But it definitely was. Maybe.

In all seriousness though, the lady understood my new word and successfully gave us directions.

And that was that! I'll add a few images of the room and hotel once I download a better blogging app. I'm using Blogsy at the moment, which is good, but I can't resize images how I want, which is why the one above of my view from the plane may appear humongous. But stay tuned for more posts from Minecon; I've got free WiFi at the convention place so that should make it a lot easier for me to keep updated.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to kick up a storm on my Twitter. But don't make too much of a mess, I only cleaned the place yesterday: @EJMozza

(For any of you interested in where I'm staying, it's the Disney Hotel Sante Fe)

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