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As with the first post (Part 1a) please note that this was written on Friday 23rd November, so when I say "Tomorrow" or "Today" etc. I'm using them on the day it was written, not the day it was posted. Sorry, but France sucks for free WiFi.

Continuing on from my last post (which you can view by scrolling southwards), Ellis and I have successfully checked into our hotel, approved of the room and asked for directions to the Disney Village.

Getting to the Disney Village involved a 15/20 minute walk through two Disney hotels. Which, after the pummelling my energy levels had taken through the day without any defoodrillators to revive them, was immensely difficult. But I made it. The walk took us through the Wild West town of Hotel Cheyenne, and past the New York Hotel (which was holding the majority of Minecon). The pictures of the Cheyenne aren't great I know, and I didn't manage to get any of the New York apart from one or two of specific things you'll see on other posts. Sorry!

Disney Village is amazing. It's got a huge Disney shop and a little Disney shop and even a couple medium sized Disney shops and restaurants like Planet Hollywood and the Rainforest Café. Oh it was just glorious. And freaking expensive. A Grumpy t-shirt cost 32 blooming Euros for the love of llamas! Waaaay out of my spending range. Planet Hollywood and The Rainforest Café were just as bad, and while we contemplated going to McDonald's, Annette's Diner seemed just as good. Why? Because the waiters and waitresses were on roller skates, that's why. Toats amazeballs.

It wasn't too expensive either; definitely one of the cheapest restaurants in the Village. We both ordered a meal deal that got us a burger, drink and a chocolate brownie topped with toffee ice-cream. Mmm you may say to yourself, but not Ellis. Oh god no, Ellis can't stand chocolate.

I know right. Freaky.

And I wasn't even a "It tastes alright actually, I just don't really do chocolate." Oh no, this was a "I can't even taste chocolate or I'll be sick." Ellis was actually heaving when even a hint of chocolate was detected by his taste buds. It was actually quite amusing to watch. Mainly because everything was drizzled with chocolate sauce, but he really liked the ice cream. It kind of turned into a game of operation. But without the body parts, or the inclusion of a naked man on a piece of cardboard.

After tea Ellis dragged me around the big Disney store again while deciding whether to buy a Peter Pan hat or not, before concluding that he'd wait until tomorrow. Then we went to pick up our Minecon goodybags! Which had some cool stuff in, as well as some stuff which was about as useful as a lemon loving llama that can fly.

Also. Cars bed sheets!

That's all for Part 1b folks! Part 1a was pretty lengthy so I thought I'd save your little brains from being entertained any more than they are already; they can only take so much bless 'em. Come back 24th or 25th (depending on where and when I can access WiFi) to hear all about the first day of Minecon!


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