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After an okay first day at Minecon, Ellis and I were both pretty damn excited for the night time activities. We went back to our room, washed our pretty little faces and had a pleasant stroll to McDonald's for our tea. And that was nothing special really. If there's one thing I've learnt about France this weekend, it's that the French do not give a crap how long you have to wait in line, because they'll take their time regardless of how long the queue is. Seriously though, we waited over half an hour just to get our food. And McDonald's had one of the shortest queues in the Disney Village. It was ridiculous to say the least.

The food was average McDonald's; nice, but overall mediocre. It was better than Annette's the night before though, so I can't really complain.

Next up was the really really really, "waited 3 months for this", exciting part. A free night in the Disney Studios park. We got there about 45 minutes before the gates opened. Actually it was before they closed and then opened again. The park was open till 8pm and they let us in at 8:10pm. So yeah, we arrived 45 minutes before the park closed so we could wait the extra 10 minutes nearly at the front of the line until they opened the park again.

Did you get that? Good. I didn't.

Either way, we made the freaking queue! And by made it I mean we actually initiated the process in which people stand and wait in a line. Want proof? Here it is:

Ellis had been to the park when he was younger so knew the direction in which we had to head for our first ride: the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster with Aerosmith.

It was alright I guess. I've been on the one in Florida (at the MGM Studio) and that was waaaaay better. I still enjoyed it though. But not as much as what followed! What followed? Oh it was perfection.

Toy Story Land!

Okay okay, the cheering is fine but the applause is a bit much. Shush. 

I'll be honest Rex was bigger than I anticipated, but he was still pretty up for the hug.

Toy Story Land is great. A little small, but still amazingly great. We jumped on the RC Car ride which is basically a big car that you sit in and it pushes you forward and back up a big curve; pretty cool. There was a little kid about 9 or 10 in the queue with us crapping his pants over going on, but me and Ellis are so cool we actually convinced him to go on a second time after the first. 

I'd be an awesome dad.

Then we went on a parachute ride that achieved nothing and was just a small/kids version of the Hollywood Tower Hotel (aka The Hollywood Tower of Terror). Now the HTH was by far the second best ride in the park. It was spine-tinglingly creepy, and the theming was superb, but Crush's Coaster blew everything else out of the water. Apart from itself, because Crush and his friends need water to survive.

"Insert hilarious Finding Nemo reference" - Achievement unlocked

I'm seriously serious, Crush's Coaster presented itself as a kid's ride, but it was up and down and round and back and forwards and it spun. It spun really quite fast and definitely didn't care for your safety. But shh, don't tell the authorities. It's a good ride.

Oh! Did I fail to mention that I bought a ride photo from the Tower of Terror? I did? Forgetful me.

(I'll put it here once I'm home, I need to scan the picture using my printer. Which is, yano, at home).

And that was it for the Studios. We spent about 2 hours in there going on various other rides that were pretty small and you don't need to read about, and to be honest, it was amazing. Plus, it was free. Amazing and free; two words I like together.

We went shopping around the Disney Village again after that, bought a couple things and then went to the most important place of all: The WiFi area.

Now the WiFi area, as you'd expect, had WiFi. It was free (Minecon/Mojang provided it for all Minecon attendees) and fast. Free and fast; two more words I like together. We stayed in the WiFi area (which was just the convention hall lobby) until about 11:30pm and then went to the Hotel New York bar. Which was exceedingly better than our bar that had little kids running around and a service that required you go to the bar to order a drink. In the Hotel New York service came to you.

Also, it had a massive cello. Posh.
We didn't actually get back to our hotel until like 1am, but we were sober and in good spirits, so who cares?

There's Day 1 all wrapped up! Thanks for reading, and check back in the next few days for more posts and a Day 2 recap.

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