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We didn't really have a breakfast winner this morning. It was all a bit average and ended up a no-score draw. Seen as though I'm writing terrific posts about Minecon though I'm going to give the breakfast win to myself; the referee's decision is final.

There wasn't quite the same rush this morning to get to the Events Arena, and we naively thought it'd be a relatively small queue to get into it. Well, we were wrong. But it was smaller. Just.

Most people were there to get to Jinx (the guys that sell Minecraft merchandise) and as a result a humongous queue developed within seconds, and the rest where there for a free Xbox Minecraft t-shirt, including myself. We got there early, we queued, we were ready. But the Xbox guys weren't. So I gave up. I know, god damn it Elliot. But I did manage this get two t-shirts later on! One for my girlfriend who has no love for Minecraft and one for my little cousin should it fit him who does have a love for Minecraft. However, there were no men's ones left meaning I missed out on one for myself.


Oh well, they're pretty ugly anyway:

Fine, I'll admit that they're actually kinda cool. I'm just bitter okay.

During the same time period, Ellis spent another 45 minutes on the Parkour course, but only achieved 8th place today. Poor Ellis. We're pretty sure he got beat my the fat kid sat next to him who was dressed all in green. The kid made his dad wait for hours (near enough all day) while he played and he just kept posting good time after good time; but it's okay because he looked like Augustus off of Charlie and the Chocoate Factory. No one wants to look like Augustus off of Charlie and the Chocoate Factory, so joke's on him.

I actually left Ellis for the majority of his Parkour playing today to go to an Indie Game Panel on the game Gunpoint. I made a separate post about it here so be sure to check that out if you're interested.

At 11am we met up inside the Times Square Hall so Ellis could try once again to enter the Intel Minecraft Hunger Games competition. He'd already entered 3 times yesterday but to no avail, and unfortunately today was no different. Unlucky Ellis.

Then we just bodded around for a bit looking at the exhibits with me attempting to connect to the Minecon wifi, to no avail. I'll be honest it wasn't a great day for either of us. And it was made even worse later on.

Since the schedule was released late last week and we learned that God was attending Minecon, I'd been on one hell of a high. Of course you all know that when I say God I mean Peter Molyneux. God. He's literally the most amazing guy in the world and his voice is just so god damn soothing. I won't bore those of you who don't know him by explaining his history but he's a game designer/maker guy who created my favourite game series ever: Fable. So Peter being there was a pretty big deal to me. Imagining being just a few feet frm him while he talked about his new game studio and the ideas they had made me shiver. Sad I know, but I was so excited. 

I set off to get to the panel room early while Ellis entered the Hunger Games again. I was literally skipping to the room. In my mind. As I got closer I saw that the board stood outside had changed. This got me even more excited; is there something extra being shown? Is there to be some prizes for people who got there early? No.

As my eyes adjusted to the text and my brain pieced the letters together, I stopped skipping. My face dropped.

Peter Molyneux is sadly ill :(

Peter Molyneux is sadly ill

Peter Molyneux is ill

Peter is ill.

That was it. I freaking broke down in tears in my mind. Just moments ago I'd been skipping merrily along, hand in hand with sunflowers on a sunny day. Now it was raining, and I was staring out of a glass window as thunder and lightening boomed and flashed. It was horrible. It was downright depressing.

What did they put in place of Peter Molyneux due to his absence? A mega indie games panel. How disappointing.

And as a result of Peter's absence (get well soon by the way), Ellis and I literally just played the indie games on show for the rest of the day, meaning I didn't get to do a separate post, and this one's ending on a depressing note.

Sorry guys.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to kick up a... actually no. No. You are not free to kick up any kind of storm. Don't go near my Twitter, I'm too upset: @EJMozza

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