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Breakfast isn't bad at our hotel, but it would've been better had I won breakfast this morning. But no, Ellis did.
Ellis's glasses are the ones at the back, mine are at the front. He had the sense to fill two big mugs with juice whereas my idiotic brain decided to ignore the larger mugs and go for two small glasses. Brains suck.

Do you guys remember the excitement I showed on my first post about Minecon last week? You know, where I was so excited I exploded and nearly died but managed to fix myself up?

Yes. That one.

Well, today was no different! I couldn't really have been more excited as we queued for an opening ceremony that would feature the likes of Notch, Jeb, Lydia and various famous Youtubers/Minecrafters (SethBling was the only one I really knew, but the rest of the near 7000 crowd seemed to know them all). If you've no idea who the people are that I've just mentioned, use Google to cure your ignorance. Or you could use Bing. Just kidding! Bing can't search.

Silly Bing.

Right, so the picture on the left is from near the front of the queue on the right. The left picture is the end of the full queue, and curved all the way around the building you can see as well as another one to join onto where we were stood on the picture on the right. I explained that expertly I must say.

Basically though, the most important person is Notch, because he created Minecraft. Then there's Jeb who's now the head of the Minecraft team because Notch left. Lydia is the Director of Fun according to the huge screens in the Disney Events Arena, and she is pretty damn fun.

So once we'd finished our time in Solitary Quefinement and been granted access to the Disney Events Arena, the fun began. Gamespot are live streaming the whole thing meaning there were several cameras in the Arena getting a shot of us all as we came in that relayed on to the mahoosive screens (seen below). I've no idea whether my beautiful face had any seconds of fame while I was wandering to a seat, but once I'd sat down, I could see everyone still coming in. And there were some weird motherfluffers in that pack believe you me.

A woman from Curse sang Bohemian Rapsody for a couple minutes with her camera man. And once the majority of people were sat down the cameras focused more on those seated, which is where it got really weird. Some of the costumes were fantastic. A couple people were dressed up as Endermen. Some dressed as Steve (the Minecraft character). And one kid. One legendary kid was dressed as a chicken.

A freaking chicken.

The opening ceremony mainly consisted of videos and an introduction of the Mojang staff members and the various "famous" guests. So nothing I can really talk that much about. But I can show you this:

Helluva video ain't it? And boy did it put everyone in a good mood. We were already, but this transformed a good mood into a gooderer mood.

So the opening ceremony was just a massive celebration of all things Minecraft, going through all its versions with the most notable features. If I can find the opening video on youtube I'll post it here, because it was a serious collection of amazing. Extra edit: I found the video!

We left the Events Arena after the opening ceremony to hunt down interesting stuff. Everything was incredibly busy so it was a bit of a pain, but we did manage to find our way to the Times Square Convention Hall where there was about a dozen exhibits, including one from Intel who were showing off their Ultrabooks. And dear lord they're sexy. But they are also really overpriced at around £1300 for the top model. So stuff you Dell/Intel for making beautiful laptops that are far more expensive than they need to be.

After wandering a bit more to learn our way around, we headed back to the Arena to get dinner and play a bit of ze Minecraft. Because, after all, Minecraft was the reason we were at, erm... Minecon. The dinner was disgusting, and the Arena was busy, but I eventually found a computer to play on while Ellis was elsewhere.

I wish I'd never found that computer.

You know what was on that computer? Minecraft parkour. An obstacle map that you had to jump and run across and complete in the fastest time. I sucked at it. Ellis didn't.

I had about half an hour playing the map before Ellis came over and said "Ooooh what's this?" and instantly fell in love. I'm a nice guy so I let him have a go; I was bored anyway. Huge mistake.

Ellis sat on that computer for nearly 3 hours. To be fair, he managed to get to 4th (eventually falling to 6th) out of about 400/450 players, but he seriously did not move from this position until the place closed:

He did the same for about 2 hours the next day, but realised he just couldn't get that number one spot and gave up. Damn it Ellis.

So that was about it for Day 1. I'll have a night time post up soon featuring our free night at the Disney Studios park and a bit of shopping, plus more!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to kick up a storm on my Twitter, but please be sure to keep yourself as a Tropical Storm, I'm not in the mood to tidy up any mess you make: @EJMozza

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